• Grade 6

    Sixth grade is off to a great start! Our team this year consists of Mrs. Romero, Mrs. Longoria, and Mrs. Paredes. We are very eager to work with this group of children. This year, the students will be thinking higher, broader, and deeper about a variety of topics and subjects.

    In English/Language Arts, we are currently focusing on Connecting and Clarifying the Main Idea, using various Context Clues, and writing Compound and Complex Sentences. Students are also annotating a variety of texts. Math began with Arithmetic Strategies, and we’ll soon be moving into Integers. Homework will be given every night, Monday through Thursday, to practice and reinforce material and skills they’ve learned in class. Occasionally they will have a Science or Social Studies study guide.

    In 6th grade, we expect the students to come to school alert and fully prepared with homework completed and accurate. We often remind them to set good examples for the younger grades. Our goal is to have them fully ready for junior high school!