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  •    Anna Walker

    Gina Ramallo
    Executive Director
    (661) 291-4183
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    Anna Walker
    Assistant Director
    (661) 291-4000 x249
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    Ruth Mouawad Dougall
    Program Specialist
    (661) 291-4172
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    Danielle Jirka

    Administrative Assistant
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    Marisa Roszak
     Department Technician
    (661) 291-4182
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    Maria Cristina
    Rodriguez Torres
    Staff Office Assistant II
    (661) 291-4000 x245
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Health Services

  • Parent Announcement:

    Parents and guardians, please be informed about the dangers associated with using synthetic drugs that are not prescribed by a physician, such as fentanyl. Also be informed of the possibility that dangerous synthetic drugs can be found in counterfeit pills.