• Kindergarten

    Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten. This year our team consists of Mrs. Farley, Mrs. Broadway, and Ms. Hetzel. We plan to provide your child with a strong foundation for learning and make school an enjoyable, happy and safe place to be.

    This year, we expect our students to be responsible, respectful and ready to learn each day. Students should have plenty of sleep and proper nutrition to enable them to be successful learners. We encourage families to share a love of reading and speaking with their children daily. Our goal is for all students to meet the grade-level standards through the support and nurturing of both teachers and families working together.

    Classwork assignments will be based on the Common Core Standards. Much of what we do in our program is not necessarily on paper. Concepts are also learned through the use of music, movement, art, technology and hands-on experiences. Students also have an opportunity twice a month to visit our science lab. We differentiate daily instruction based on the unique learning styles of each child.

    Homework will be sent home every Tuesday and is due the following Tuesday. A reading log is included every week and needs to be completed daily after reading a book to your child. Homework is recorded on the report card and helps to establish positive study habits.

    Kindergarten is full day and students are dismissed at 2:15 P.M. Students in the Transitional Kindergarten class will remain on a half day schedule dismissing at 12:35 P.M. All students will have the opportunity to visit the school library weekly, as well as participate in Music, P.E. classes, and computer lab classes. Please check your child's backpack for announcements of other programs and daily work.

    We are looking forward to an interesting, fun, and enriching year.