• Grade 2

    Mrs. Bryant, Miss Salari, and Mrs. Skwarzynski would like to welcome you to 2nd grade! We have many exciting activities and learning opportunities for you to look forward to:

    • Leaning to play the ukulele in music class
    • Holidays Around the World performance
    • Reading chapter books
    • Visiting the Underwood Family Farms

    3 Piggy Opera

    This year we expect our 2nd graders to make good decisions in the classroom, solve problems as independent thinkers, and show respect to all. In 2nd grade, participation is a must! Every day students turn and talk to each other to further understand concepts and share different ways of solving problems. We will work on stamina and fluency in reading while increasing comprehension. In the classroom, your child will be learning a variety of challenging and exciting curriculum based on the content standards:

    • Parts of speech (collective nouns, proper nouns, plural nouns, past tense verbs)
    • Contractions (do + not = don’t)
    • Compound words (backpack, baseball, etc.)
    • Reflexive pronouns (myself, yourself)
    • 3 writing genres (informative, opinion, and narrative)
    • Number sense
    • Time to the quarter hour
    • Making change from $1.00
    • Fractions
    • +/- facts to 20
    • +/- two 3 digit numbers

    The expectation for reading fluency is that all students read 90-120 words per minute in a grade-level text by the end of the school year.

    For homework, students will read a fluency passage, answer comprehension pages, and review sight words or Frye phrases. Math homework is linked to the Bridges Math unit lessons in class. An overview of all math units is located under the "parent resources" tab on the home page of this website. Our online resources RAZ-kids and DreamBox will also be a part of weekly homework. Students should be completing 7 or more DreamBox lessons a week.

    We are looking forward to a wonderful year for all of the 2nd grade students.